Kitchener/Waterloo Restaurants With Takeout Cocktails

Kitchener/Waterloo’s abundance of local restaurants allows for some great options for takeout cocktails and beers! Check out our list of some of these restaurants and the drinks they’re offering. If you’re interested in the business just click on the header or image.

Jane Bond's April 20th Instagram Story

Jane Bond has canned cocktails, including sangria, as well as takeout beers. In addition to their great selections of craft brews, they have an extensive vegetarian menu available for takeout. 

The Grand Surf Lounge is a tiki style bar located in downtown Kitchener. The Grand Surf is open for take out every Wednesday-Saturday from 4-9pm. Like Jane Bond, they have takeout options for cocktails, food, and beer.

Swine and Vine's Bees Knees Cocktail Kit

Swine and Vine, the elegant local restaurant known for its charcuterie boards has multiple cocktails kits available. The kits provide instructions and ingredients to making tasty cocktails signature to the Swine and Vine.

White Rabbit's The Mort Kit

White Rabbit additionally offers a variety of cocktail kits, some of these kits are as easy as pouring a premixed mickey and adding lemon. The uptown restaurant’s kits are available for pick-up and would pair well with their veggie bahn mi. 

Red House's Cucumber Refresh-Mint Cocktail

Red House, located near the corner of William and Caroline in uptown Waterloo, offers takeout craft beer, cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Red House’s cocktails and beers must be purchased alongside food.

Proof Kitchen's Multiflorous Cocktail Kit

Located in uptown Waterloo’s historic Barrel Yards, Proof Kitchen + Lounge is a restaurant that offers an upscale contemporary dining experience coupled with a lively atmosphere. Proof Kitchen’s takeout cocktail kit, beer, cider, and seltzer options must be accompanied by at least one food item.

The Bauer Kitchen on King Street in Waterloo currently offers seven different cocktails. Additionally, Bauer Kitchen has a large variety of wines and beers available for takeout.

Wildcraft Grill, taken by Jeff Eng

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  1. Public Kitchen and Bar on Victoria has been doing takeout cocktail kits and they’re great!

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