Best Meat & Cheese Boards in Kitchener / Waterloo

There are a wide variety of local businesses that offer charcuterie style boards and platters. You may be surprised by how many make reference to cattle grazing in their name.

The French term chacuterie refers to a branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products. “Grazing boards/platters/boxes” may be more accurately defining terms for these curated platters that have grown to be so popular in our region. Here’s a selection of some of the best that the city has to offer. If you are interested in the business or their products just click on the heading or image.

The Grazing Table KW's Small Graze

The Grazing Table has options tailored towards individuals, aswell as options serving up to 10 people. The prices range accordingly, starting at $23 and ranging to $230.

La Fromagerie on Lexington’s charcuterie boards feature cheeses, charcuterie meats, fresh seasonal/dried fruit, nuts, spreads and crackers. They can additionally be customized to preference and only cost $20/per person!

White Rabbit's Mother's Day Charcuterie Package

White Rabbit’s charcuterie board can be ordered online, feeds 4 people and has multiple options for alcoholic beverage add-ons (including sangria jars). The board costs $40 and features prosciutto, hot calabrese, salami, smoked gouda, gruyere, aged cheddar and more.

Girl Gone Grazey has a variety of spreads they offer, both the charcuterie boards and fruit focused platters come in immaculate design. Note: Girl Gone Grazey is sold out for this Mother’s Day.

Swine and Vine Classic Charcuterie Box

Swine & Vine offers multiple charcuterie boards. Although subject to change due to the pandemic, they tend to feature cheeses & meats such as fuoco and water buffalo cheese, lamb mereguez and fennel salami. The classic charcuterie box is available as a small for $35 and large for $60.

Oh Graze Premium Box

Oh Graze offers a variety of catering options while additionally allowing you to buy individualized grazing boxes. In addition to grazing box options that include wine, they additionally provide multiple options for vegan/vegetarians. Their grazing boxes range from $40-$110.

Gather and Graze Co.'s Vegan Graze Box

Gather and Graze Co. purports that their grazing boxes are, “perfect for late night entertaining, virtual zoom meetings, or a tasty way to say thank you and congratulations!”. Their graze boxes tend to range from $70 to $110. 

Found on Instagram or Facebook, Alisha’s Charcuterie Boards offers meat, cheese and fruit platters for affordable prices. Alisha’s care for their products comes through in their board’s stunning designs.

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