Waterloo Region “Crime Map”

Organize Crimes in Waterloo by Area with the "Crime Map"

By: KWMotion, April 10th

The Waterloo police service’s occurrence mapping software has provided a visual representation of their crime records in relation to the areas of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

On their website you can also find and display the approximate locations of recent calls for police service for listed date ranges and occurrence types. 

The mapping tool provides general information about police calls for service – though not every call is a crime and some information may not be releasable

The occurrence mapping software can be accessed online and is best accessed on a desktop http://maps.policereporting.ca/Html5Viewer/Index.html?configBase=http://maps.policereporting.ca/Geocortex/Essentials/4_4_3/REST/sites/WRPSPublicSite/viewers/WRPSPublicSite_hv/virtualdirectory/Resources/Config/Default

Mapping Theft Over $5000 from April 2009 - April 2021

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