Top Museums in the Kitchener / Waterloo Region

Aleks Gubskyy, October 30th 2019

Three (top) museums in KW 

These museums…

In the current busy and fast-paced world, it could be pretty hard to find time for cultural activities. Even having this time does not mean that we will go somewhere outside. It could be so tempting to sit in a cozy home, right? But come on, there is plenty to see in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, and today, I am going to showcase you some great museums, that you just obliged to visit.

The Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum

It is a place number one for sure. The Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum is proven to be the largest community museum in Ontario. Imagine, this museum consists of 4 big different parts (campuses). If you are into history, the famous Doon Heritage Village is definitely for you. It is a great recreation of rural villages from 1914. History, great architecture, and heritage – all in one place. It is open till December 23, before it is going to be closed for the winter season, so you better hurry up.

Along with the Doon Village, the main Waterloo Region Museum has lots of interesting exhibitions to show – both historical and educational. A list of current and upcoming ones could be found over here. It is never late to learn more about your lovely and rich region. No matter, if you are new to the place or KW is your home town – spending a great educational evening could be fun for everyone.


Maybe looking back in history is not your cup of tea, and you prefer something more modern. Do not worry – THEMUSEUM got you covered.

No dusty objects, no collections, and no velvet ropes.” – that’s what THEMUSEUM is all about. Or should I rather say it is about all

On its five floors and 55,000 square feet, THEMUSEUM is capable of introducing you to the most diverse exhibition program, that no other museum can. Colorful installations that would catch children’s attention for hours, the world’s first typewriter event and even afterlife experience – all of this could be found in this great and bold museum. You can take a closer look at THEMUSEUM’s current exhibition list and choose what’s fits you the most.

The museum’s team is always happy to give you something unique. You would never know what to expect from them and it is worth checking their website from time to time.

Paint by Munzy

Following the flow of contemporary art – there is something really Canadian in the KW region. Of course, I am talking about the “Paint by Munzy” gallery. 

Have you heard of it? – Well, you definitely should. 

My European soul leans toward everything cozy and personal. That is the unique point of the “Paint”. In contrast to the places above, this artwork gallery and shop is run by a family duo – Jonathan and Laura Munz.
They are pretty happy to showcase their collection of more than 200 one-of-a-kind artworks, consisting of original oil paintings, canvas prints and much more. In case you are going to like some duo’s piece of artwork, you are free to buy it and hang it somewhere in your home. How cool is that!?

Great evening out

After reading this article, you might think that the KW region is so diverse, and you would be perfectly right. These three completely different museums are a great example of this. 

Maybe we as KWMotion might showcase them in detail later on, but for now, I dare you to choose one of the museums from the list and have a great evening out.

With a great attitude,
Alex Gubskyy



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