Top 10 Schnitzel Restaurants in Kitchener/Waterloo

When it comes to schnitzel, Kitchener/Waterloo boasts an array of restaurants that have mastered the art of this classic dish, largely due to the history of German (and other neighboring European countries) settlement in the region. From traditional European flavors to innovative twists, the region offers a diverse range of schnitzel experiences. Here are the top 10 schnitzel restaurants in Kitchener/Waterloo:

Veslo Family Restaurant

Location: Arnold Street, Kitchener

Veslo Family Restaurant, a homey and family-run establishment, has earned a reputation for its outstanding European and Canadian cuisine. The goulash soup, lepinja bread with cheese, and Vienna schnitzel are among the standouts. The comfortable dining atmosphere, prompt service, and the comforting meals are all worthy of high praise.


Location: Victoria Street, Kitchener

With a history dating back to 1961, Metro proudly claims to be the “best schnitzel place in town”. Fans of Metro tend to rave about the schnitzel platter, highlighting the perfect meat-to-breading ratio and flavorful sauces/toppings. The Gypsy schnitzel stands out for its perfection, and the customizable sides, including house-made garlic bread, make Metro a must-visit.

The Olde Heidelberg Restaurant Tavern & Motel

Location: Heidelberg (just outside Waterloo)

The Olde Heidelberg, situated in Heidelberg, offers a beautiful ambiance and delightful staff. The Weiner Schnitzel, served with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and coleslaw, is crispy, tender, and flavorful. The attention to detail and overall dining experience and worthy of appreciation.

Concordia Club

Location: Ottawa Street, Kitchener

A casual German fixture with an old-world vibe, Concordia Club offers a variety of Bavarian bites. The Concordia Platter, featuring schnitzel, bratwurst, cabbage roll, sauerkraut, and Yukon Gold mashed, is a plate of pure delight. The sauerkraut, in particular, receives high praise.

Simply Delicious

Location: Kitchener Market

Find Simply Delicious at the Kitchener Market for amazing, comforting schnitzel at great value. The European meals, especially the schnitzel, paired with sides like whipped mashed potatoes, pierogies, and sauerkraut, make this a popular spot.

J&B Family Restaurant

Location: Victoria Street, Kitchener

J&B Family Restaurant, offering Eastern European and Italian options, stands out for its rolled schnitzel, particularly the Boem. The flavorful and fresh sides accompanying each dish make it a recommended stop in the area.


Location: Courtland Ave, Kitchener

Jasna’s welcomes guests with smiles and serves schnitzel with a nice flaky crust, making it one of the best spots in the city for this classic dish. The great value and flavorful cabbage salad side add to the overall positive dining experience.


Location: Doon Village Road, Kitchener

As a pub with a large beer selection, Edelweiss remains a staple in the region. Customers praise the impressive and tasty schnitzel, served with amazing sauerkraut. The schnitzel dinner, accompanied by real potatoes, is a hot and excellent choice.

Solé Restaurant and Wine Bar

Location: Uptown Waterloo

Solé Restaurant and Wine Bar offers a high-end dining experience with the Jager-Schnitzel, made from Ontario Pork. Priced reasonably at around $30, the schnitzel comes with whipped potato, braised red cabbage, and hunter sauce, providing an exquisite taste.

Crow’s Foot Smoke Hause

Location: Conestogo (just outside Waterloo)

At Crow’s Foot Smoke Hause in Conestogo, customers enjoy thick and well-prepared schnitzel paired with tasty roasted potatoes. The German-style schnitzel, crispy and tasty, is complemented by a delightful strudel for dessert, offering a satisfying dining experience.

For schnitzel enthusiasts in Kitchener/Waterloo, these restaurants promise a culinary journey filled with crispy, tender, and flavorful delights. Each establishment brings its unique twist to this beloved dish, making the region a haven for schnitzel connoisseurs.