The Top 25 Pizza Places in Kitchener/Waterloo

There are a wide variety of independent pizza shops in Kitchener/Waterloo. Because of the unique differences offered between each place, and the overall superb quality, it’s difficult to rank these pizza shops. Here’s our picks for the top 25 pizza places in Kitchener/Waterloo, ordered from cheapest to most expensive. The prices listed are for the place’s cheapest large pizzas, which are generally 14 inches. If you’re interested in a pizza place, click on the image or the header! 

Pizza Express provides consistently great pizza, making it one of the region’s greatest value picks. 

AAA Pizza & Wings offers a large pizza for the same price as pizza express, both are great options for takeout pizza. Furthermore, both these places show how superb quality can be maintained at an affordable price. 

Ares Pizza+Wing in downtown Kitchener is a local favorite for quick and convenient service. 

With wings seasoned and baked in-house, Figaro offers a variety of unique options at affordable prices. Figaro is a great choice for an affordable store with “gourmet” style pizza options.

Located in the Kitchener Market, Bollero’s is owned by Milorad and Vesna Gutovic who are no strangers to the market scene. For many years, the Yugoslavia natives operated a produce stand in the market in their hometown. 

Located on Victoria Street in downtown Kitchener, Papa Joe’s makes the list for making consistently satisfying pizza. 

Opened in 2005, Pizza Roma takes pride in making the best pizza possible and in turn, exceeding their customer’s expectations. 

Whether you’re ordering for just you and your family or you need a large order of pizzas and wings for a party, Canadian Pizza in Waterloo has you covered. 

MJ’s Gourmet Pizza is a family owned pizzeria, with delivery to all of K/W. Although they have an extensive amount of gourmet pizzas that range in price, you can pickup a large 1 topping pizza from them for $9.99.

Magic Pizza’s pizza is made from fresh dough and their secret family sauce. The majority of the ingredients are supplied by the local farmers and inspected to provide the highest quality.

With multiple locations in the city, pyramid pizza offers top quality pizza for an incredibly reasonable price. Their Lancaster location in particular has received local praise. 

Big General’s has two locations in K/W, catching part of high school lunch rushes, (KCI and Cameron Heights respectively). Their top notch quality for price is apparent even in their ready-to-go slices. 

Dynamite Pizza is one of K/W’s undeniable local favorites. The bang-for-your-buck  quality of Dynamite’s pizza earns them their name. 

With incredibly wood fired pizza, tested and loved at regional festivals, Bread Heads has held a special place in K/W’s community. Bread Heads is located on Duke street in downtown Kitchener and is currently offering deals on frozen and fresh pizzas. 

One of many great options for pizza in downtown Kitchener is Supremes. Supremes offers great 2 for 1 deals for a variety pizza and wing combos.

La Cucina in Kitchener reflects a shift in this list towards “gourmet pizza”, featuring pizzas with higher prices offering certain qualities of focus. With strong Italian roots, La Cucina exhibits a passion to create authentic Italian food and a love of quality and fresh ingredients.

Located in uptown Waterloo in a shop that mirrors a cozy log cabin, Fratello’s offers authentic and unique options for  reasonable prices. 

Gourmet Pizza is a snug pizzeria dishing up a variety of elevated specialty pizzas & sandwiches in a casual setting.

The Crazy Canuck has a variety of options for pizzas, and are locally noted for their deep-dish style pizzas. All of their dough and tomato sauce is made in house. 

Rustic Slice is a personal favorite of many residents of the K/W region. They represent one of the region’s great options for gourmet style pizza, exhibiting a focus on quality of ingredients and rustic feeling. 

Franklin’s Pizza is well known for their panzerottis. Their flakey crusted pizza dough is sure to impress regardless of the form.

Casa Rugantino is an Italian restaurant in Belmont Village with options for pizzas, pasta & traditional Italian entrees in a cozy, casual setting.

Having received multiple local awards, Pepi’s Pizza is an established K/W favourite. Pepi’s started in 1962 when the Firmi Brothers, Lewis and the late Ron Firmi opened its doors at the corner of Water and Weber streets in Kitchener.

Pizza Prosciutto touts themselves as the answer to K/W’s gourmet cravings and the positive reception they have received from the community. What’s additionally noteworthy is that they are a family-run pizzeria offering food such as specialty pies, wings & subs for take out & delivery.

Graffiti Market was introduced to the region in 2018 by the Ignite Restaurant Group which owns Rich Uncle’s Tavern, and Red Circle. Graffiti Market has Detroit-style deep dish pizza, house-made pastas, rotisserie chicken & beers. 

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25 thoughts on “The Top 25 Pizza Places in Kitchener/Waterloo

  1. Was not impressed with AAA at all – their Canadian and Meat lovers pizzas have a very strong curry, halal and tandoori smell/ flavour etc.

  2. For the best pizza you need to go to Windsor or Kingston. KW pizzerias get it wrong on so many levels. Franklin and Dynamite are ok, but still miss the mark compared to what a real pizza should look and taste like.

  3. AAA Pizza and wings – Delicious pizza made to perfection! Quick service and amazing customer service.

  4. Davenport pizza deserves consideration! Great quality (perfect stringy-when-hot cheese, the spicy sausage slices) and friendly service at a very good price.

  5. We like AAA pizza . Good taste , good portions, their fish and tandoori wings are must have . Owner Romy makes your experience really good by giving a personal touch.

  6. Lmao how can you not have Campus Pizza on here. They put the KW pizza scene on the worldwide map with the world’s longest pizza back in the 90s. They use the best quality ingredients and at a fair price for students and customers alike. Above all it tastes amazing.

  7. Pisa Pizzeria is where I always go to get my pizza. And they are cheap and have delicious pizza.

  8. Magic Pizza in the Driftwood plaza is the best pizza in town. The customer service is unmatched. Pizzas are consistently delicious with generous toppings.

  9. My Vote goes for ” AAA Pizza and Wings “.

    The reason for selecting is due to availability of wide varieties of Pizza and delicious Chicken Wings. Also they provide baked fish, garlic bread and other items. Their timely service is commendable.

    1. My vote goes to magic pizza.. best pizza in town.. friendly customer services.. they are the bests 🍕🍕

  10. AAA Pizza and Wings is my favourite. Their Stone oven baked Pizza, Wings and Fish are the best. Mouth Watering Gourmet Pizza’s are the best in town. They should be number one. Romy is so professional that he really pays attention to each and every little details.

  11. AAA Pizza & Wings is our All time Favourite. The price we pay for the Quality of Food is Remarkable! Best Pizza and Wings in KW.

  12. Biancas pizza at the corner of king and Columbia is also delicious and has some great deals too!

  13. Verona Pizza & Grill should be on this list! Got to say the best wings I ever had and there stone oven pizzas.

  14. Verona Pizza & Grill should definitely be on here. The best stone oven pizzas and there very popular wings. Bonus they are family owned pizza.

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