The Top 10 Restaurants for Fried Chicken in K/w

By: KWMotion, August 13th

There are several spots in Kitchener-Waterloo that have great options for Fried Chicken. Although Southern Style Fried Chicken is one of the most loved methods of preparing dish, many of the most enjoyed restaurants for Fried Chicken in our region specialize in Korean Fried Chicken. 

All of the restaurants listed are local and independent. If you’re interested in the business, click on the header or image. The list is ordered starting with the restaurant with the least expensive option for fried chicken.

Bao Sandwich Bar's Chicken Katsu Bao (PC: Mr. Sauga )

Bao Sandwich Bar is a cozy restaurant positioned in between multiple housing condominiums in the University area that serves delicious, and affordable sandwiches, with options for bao (steamed buns) or baguettes. Their Chicken Katsu Bao is a must-try in Kitchener/Waterloo handhelds. The bao features Japanese style fried chicken, garlic mayo, tankatsu sauce, lettuce, green onions, and togarashi flakes, for only $5.74. In total Bao Sandwich Bar has four different options for baos that sample their crispy fried chicken, the Chicken Katsu, Great Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, and the Korean Garlic Chicken.

Yangyum Cup (PC: Ladislav Hudec)

The chicken in the Yangyum cup ($7) is marinated for several hours then breaded in a Korean style.The chicken thighs are from Charles Quality Meats in St. Agatha cut into bite-sized pieces, seasoned, fried twice and tossed in either the more popular red gochujang fermented chili-paste sauce (often called yangnyeom sauce) or a milder black soy-based sauce. Both sauces are made in-house.

Kim's Kitchen's Green Onion Chicken (PC: Kim's Kitchen)

best Korean fried chicken in town” Sean Kim is a Korean-style chef and baker. He worked at Seoul’s Grand Hyatt Hotel for more than 10 years. You can taste the care and authenticity that goes into every meal. The Green Onion Chicken is a great example of their fried chicken’s quality. Easily the best I’ve eaten in my lifetime. Green onion, spicy onion, yogurt onion, and soy sauce. Fresh, juicy, flavourful. Lovely ambience, reminiscent of many Korean spots in Toronto. Incredible food

(PC: Derek Purdy)

Arabella Park Beer Bar’s burger is a nod to the classic Big Mac. Featuring two fresh chuck smash patties, “definitely not mac sauce”, American cheese, pickles, iceberg, sweet onions all on Martin’s potato roll, the double burger costs $11.50

PC: Grand Trunk

Lancaster Smokehouse showcases their fried chicken by offering meals of half and full birds as well as having fried chicken sandwiches. Crispy and delicious. Crunchy spicy coating and then tender/juicy in the middle. Perfect fix for a craving for southern food. Served with pickles. As for inside the restaurant, the smokehouse/bar aesthetic, paired with great service makes for a family friendly, laid back atmosphere. Sandwich at $13, Half bird at $24

PC: Ól Alcóil

Neustro 88’s fried chicken sandwich is one of the best in the region. Featuring crispy buttermilk fried chicken, pickled vegetables, and sriracha hoisin mayo all on a brioche bun. 

PC: Ace

Ace is a family run restaurant that specializes in meals, wraps, burgers, and poutines. They use fresh ingredients and homemade marinades. Their shawarma cheeseburger features a fresh 4.5oz beef patty smashed on the grill, topped with chicken shawarma and covered in real cheddar cheese with your choice of ingredients for only $7.99

PC: Yummy Burgers

Yummy burger is a small restaurant with fast and fresh food service. Their creative, affordable, and fast-emerging nature earned them a spot on this list. The BBQ Burger at Yummy Burgers comes with house made BBQ sauce, fried onions, red onions, cheddar cheese and bacon. 

PC: Madison G

Cafe Pyrus is located on Charles Street in Downtown Kitchener. Their tofu sandwich makes for an exceptional vegetarian burger alternative. “The Big Bang” features spicy crispy organic tofu, tomato, and organic lettuce served on an organic kaiser, topped with dill infused aioli. It comes with a side of kaleslow, salt and pepper chips or soup for $13.

PC: Luana Garrido

Jane Bond’s menu is built around providing high quality, vegetarian takes, on modern cuisine classics. Their Cajun Red Bean Burger showcases their talent in that regard. The burger features a red bean & rice patty, topped with spinach, tomato pickles, red onion and creamy cajun sauce. The bean burger is served with your choice of side and costs $16, with an option to add tofu bacon for additional costs. 

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