K/W Cinemas, From Apollo to Cineplex VIP

Apollo Cinema: A Downtown Kitchener Gem

Apollo Cinema, nestled in the heart of downtown Kitchener since 2015, offers a truly distinctive cinematic experience. More than just a theatre, it serves as a dynamic hub for events, parties, and engaging film screenings. Adding to its allure, the cinema also boasts a license to serve craft beer and wine, elevating the movie-watching experience. Located conveniently near Duke St. Parking Lot and the City Hall Station, access is a breeze. Moreover, a Classic Membership for just $10 a year unlocks a range of benefits, including discounts, exclusive screenings, and a monthly birthday treat. Apollo Cinema stands as a proud representative of independent cinema in Kitchener, curating unique film experiences for the community it loves.

Princess Cinemas: A Waterloo Icon

For 35 years, Princess Cinemas has been a beloved Canadian independent cinema. With two urban locations in the heart of Waterloo, Ontario, this cinematic gem offers a diverse range of films. The ‘Original’ Princess Cinema, established in 1985 at 6 Princess Street West, maintains the “calendar art-house” model, showcasing international, independent, and Canadian cinema, alongside festival hits and cult classics. With a distinct charm, it features comfortable high-back chairs and an unmistakable, offbeat atmosphere. In 2003, Princess Cinemas expanded its footprint with the acquisition of the Alan Rigby House of Furniture, which was converted into the Princess Twin Cinemas in 2005. Unlike its sibling, the Twin Cinemas feature new film selections weekly, making it a go-to choice for quality mainstream and specialty films. Additionally, it offers a spacious lobby for events, a popular Dinner & a Movie combo, and exhibits by local artists in the Odeon Gallery. The Princess Cinemas enrich the cultural fabric of Waterloo, offering an exceptional cinematic and cultural experience.

Cineplex VIP: A Luxurious Movie Experience in Kitchener

Cineplex VIP Theatre in Kitchener provides a lavish cinematic experience. It stands out with oversized recliner-style chairs and spacious chaise lounge seating, redefining comfort for movie enthusiasts. Some locations even offer 3D screenings for an extra dimension of excitement. What truly distinguishes Cineplex VIP is the exclusive VIP Lounge, where patrons can unwind before and after the film, savoring cocktails and restaurant-style meals. You can conveniently order food through the Cineplex app, with servers delivering it to your seat, some of which have handy dining trays. In addition to traditional cinema snacks, the extensive menu includes hot meals like tacos, burgers, and flatbread pizzas, along with signature cocktails and unique drinks. Age restrictions create a mature ambiance, with patrons required to be of legal drinking age, which is 19 or 18 in specific provinces. For those planning special events, Cineplex VIP Theatre offers the option to reserve an entire theater, accommodating gatherings and featuring in-house catering services. It’s a perfect choice for a memorable cinematic experience in Kitchener.

Galaxy Cinemas: A Denomination of Cineplex Inc

Galaxy Cinemas in Conestoga Mall, Waterloo, is a part of Cineplex Inc., the largest cinema chain in Canada. Unlike independent cinemas, Cineplex Inc.’s journey is marked by consolidation in the entertainment industry. It was formed in 2003, acquiring the assets of the former Cineplex Odeon chain. This initial move toward corporate dominance reshaped the Canadian cinematic landscape. Operating under various brand names, such as Famous Players, SilverCity, Odeon, and Galaxy (although many have since transitioned to the Cineplex banner), Cineplex Inc. maintains a formidable presence across Canada. This corporate giant offers a distinctly different cinematic experience compared to local theatres.

Landmark Cinema 10 Waterloo: A Competitor to the Giant

Landmark Cinema is a notable competitor to the cinematic giant, Cineplex. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Landmark Cinema has been steadily carving its own path in the Canadian film industry. With 39 theatres and an impressive 317 screens under its wing, Landmark Cinema is a significant player in the market, particularly in Ontario and western Canada. What sets Landmark apart from Cineplex is its seating and budget-friendly ticket prices, making it a common choice for moviegoers. Landmark’s journey to becoming a major contender in the Canadian cinema landscape includes a strategic move in late 2013 when it acquired much of the former Empire Theatres chain. In 2017, Landmark Cinema entered a new chapter when it was acquired by the Belgium-based company Kinepolis for a substantial $123 million. It offers a compelling alternative to moviegoers, providing a more relaxed and affordable cinematic experience.