Best Student Pizza Joints in Waterloo

By: Matt Filart, October 2nd 2019

We all know that the ultimate college food is pizza, its cheap, can last multiple meals and you can pretty much put everything on top of it (except pineapple) but what’s the best place for students in the Waterloo area? 

Gino’s Pizza

Starting off with probably the most popular and most convenient pizza parlours in waterloo, Gino’s offers a nice selection of specialty pizzas, on top of the classics. Gino’s also has a large range of sides, but honestly, they aren’t the best. Chicken is overcooked and the breadsticks are a bit too soft for me. The main draw for Gino’s is its location, being right on King and University puts it right in the middle of student life, but that doesn’t take away for its quality. 

Bianca’s Pizza

Bianca’s, located at King and Columbia, is my personal favourite pizza place in waterloo, the pizza is great, rich sauce and cheese, and the toppings, even with fewer options than Gino’s. Bianca’s also doesn’t have a large selection of sides, mainly just wings and they’re not the best either, but this allows them to focus on the Pizza I assume. The claim to fame for Bianca’s is its price, with an extra-large with 1 topping for $9.99 is insane, especially since it’s good, but it’s only for pick up and delivery is only done through them and not a food delivery app. 

Domino’s Pizza

Dominos is one of the biggest brands in the world, so obviously they have a location near all the students. Located near University and Weber, Domino’s has a bunch of different daily deals and coupons that students can take advantage of. Weirdly, while the pizza is pretty good, my favourite item that they have is their boneless chicken bites, which are nice and tender. This is definitely a place to go if they have a good deal going on. 

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is probably the most expensive place on this list. They have daily deals and coupons like Domino’s, but the base price is so high that the coupons are what puts them at a comparable price with everyone else, so the pizza better be worth it. The food is high quality, maybe not worth it at the normal price, but it is pretty good, but once again my favorite thing to get at a pizza place is not actually the pizza, it’s the dessert. Seriously the Brownie is just amazing, it’s perfect, try it, do yourself a favour. 

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