The Two Best Burger Joints for Students in Kitchener / Waterloo

By: Matt Filart, October 29th 2019

The humble burger, the signature fast food menu item. The fast food staple combo of burgers and fries are favorites of pretty much everyone. Being a cheap tasty and quick meal, it’s no wonder why burgers are especially popular with University students. On that note, let’s talk about two of the burger joints that students frequent in Waterloo. Let’s leave out the popular franchises like McDonalds and Burger King because if you’ve been to one of them, you won’t need me to review them for you. 

Sonny's Drive-In

Sonny’s is probably as old school as you can get in Waterloo. Built in the style of a 1960’s drive-in diner, it is as classic as you can get, simple dinner with a few stools to sit on inside, as well as a bench to sit outside, some classic arcade cabinets and a 60’s diner aesthetic. The menu is simple and what you would expect, but that definitely doesn’t mean its bad, they obviously have burgers and a few other menu items, chicken fingers and the like, as well as their milkshakes which are pretty amazing and it doesn’t get more complicated than that. Classic place, classic burgers what else is there to say.

Frat Burger & Metro on King

Formerly Known as Frat Burger, the establishment has recently gone through a rebranding. If this is due to change in management I don’t know. The spirit of Frat Burger still remains here, however, with some décor still having the Frat Burger branding. Frat Burger is definitely a budget friendly option for students, especially with their $4.99 student to-go burger that’s just your standard burger, but as a student it’s definitely appreciated. Their more specialty burgers do range into the low 10s however and fries and other sides are extra, there is also a bar so if you and a few friends wanna watch a game it’s the perfect place. Personally, my favorite is the hangover, it’s basically just a breakfast burger, give it a try. 

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