The Top 25 Wings in Kitchener/Waterloo, By Price

Kitchener/Waterloo's Best Wings, From Cheapest to Most Expensive

KWMotion, October 31st

Wings are a pubfare/takeout classic, and Kitchener/Waterloo has some great options for wings by the pound or piece. 

Because of the unique differences offered between each place, and the overall superb quality, it’s difficult to rank these pizza shops. Here’s our picks for the top 25 pizza places in Kitchener/Waterloo, ordered from cheapest to most expensive. The prices listed are for the place’s cheapest large pizzas, which are generally 14 inches. If you’re interested in a pizza place, click on the image or the header! 

PC: War Mann

“Triple A” has got great pizza and wing combos. You can pick up 8 wings for $10.49, earning Triple A the cheapest wings on the list at ~$1.30 a piece. 

PC: Daniel Soliven

At Verona Pizza & Grill you can get a 10 piece order of wings for $13.99. You can also get 20 for @24.99, 30 for $35.99, or 50 for $56.99.

PC: Michelle Radman

Pyramid Pizza is one of the best bang for your buck pizza joints in the city. You can pick up 2 pounds of great tasting wings there for $17.

PC: Connor Hammond

Planet Pizza is also a local pizza spot that has great wings, 2 lbs for $17.

PC: Saleena

At Canadian Pizza you can get 1 pound of wings for $8.99, 2 pounds for $16.99 or 3 pounds for $24.99.

PC: Greg Wczesniak

Howl at The Moon on Victoria has jumbo tossed wings in your choice of sauce. On their regular menu you can get 7 wings for $13.50. On Sundays and Wednesdays you can get wings for discounted prices! 

PC: Jeff Durnan

The Bent Elbow has pub-fare that is great quality for a moderate price. You can pick up 7 jumbo chicken wings there, with the choice of them being breaded or naked, for $16.  

PC: Katie M

At StrykerZ you can get 7 wings for $16 or 14 for $26.

PC: Matthew

Moose Winooski’s is a classic local sports bar. They provide a family friendly atmosphere and a “5 wings for $10.99” deal.

PC: Carole Nantel

McMullen’s is a local sports bar on Highland Road. They offer comfort  food and relatively low priced wings, their wing pricing works out to roughly $2.40 per chicken wing. 

PC: Gary Cameron

With multiple locations in the city, pyramid pizza offers top quality pizza for an incredibly reasonable price. Their Lancaster location in particular has received local praise. 

PC: Ladislav Hudec

Big General’s has two locations in K/W, catching part of high school lunch rushes, (KCI and Cameron Heights respectively). Their top notch quality for price is apparent even in their ready-to-go slices. 

PC: Randall Eckerich

Dynamite Pizza is one of K/W’s undeniable local favorites. The bang-for-your-buck  quality of Dynamite’s pizza earns them their name. 

PC: Waterloo Bike Shop

With incredibly wood fired pizza, tested and loved at regional festivals, Bread Heads has held a special place in K/W’s community. Bread Heads is located on Duke street in downtown Kitchener and is currently offering deals on frozen and fresh pizzas. 

PC: Tracey Lennon

One of many great options for pizza in downtown Kitchener is Supremes. Supremes offers great 2 for 1 deals for a variety pizza and wing combos.

PC: Jchannel Streams

La Cucina in Kitchener reflects a shift in this list towards “gourmet pizza”, featuring pizzas with higher prices offering certain qualities of focus. With strong Italian roots, La Cucina exhibits a passion to create authentic Italian food and a love of quality and fresh ingredients.

PC: Ofelia Hsiao

Located in uptown Waterloo in a shop that mirrors a cozy log cabin, Fratello’s offers authentic and unique options for  reasonable prices. 

PC: Dtbandit
Gourmet Pizza is a snug pizzeria dishing up a variety of elevated specialty pizzas & sandwiches in a casual setting.
PC: Karl Nieva

The Crazy Canuck has a variety of options for pizzas, and are locally noted for their deep-dish style pizzas. All of their dough and tomato sauce is made in house. 

PC: Soumya Das Bhaumik

Rustic Slice is a personal favorite of many residents of the K/W region. They represent one of the region’s great options for gourmet style pizza, exhibiting a focus on quality of ingredients and rustic feeling. 

PC: Alex K

Franklin’s Pizza is well known for their panzerottis. Their flakey crusted pizza dough is sure to impress regardless of the form.

PC: Erin Bergsma

Casa Rugantino is an Italian restaurant in Belmont Village with options for pizzas, pasta & traditional Italian entrees in a cozy, casual setting.

PC: James Morgan

Having received multiple local awards, Pepi’s Pizza is an established K/W favourite. Pepi’s started in 1962 when the Firmi Brothers, Lewis and the late Ron Firmi opened its doors at the corner of Water and Weber streets in Kitchener.

PC: Heather Longeway

Pizza Prosciutto touts themselves as the answer to K/W’s gourmet cravings and the positive reception they have received from the community. What’s additionally noteworthy is that they are a family-run pizzeria offering food such as specialty pies, wings & subs for take out & delivery.

PC: Honggoo Heo

Graffiti Market was introduced to the region in 2018 by the Ignite Restaurant Group which owns Rich Uncle’s Tavern, and Red Circle. Graffiti Market has Detroit-style deep dish pizza, house-made pastas, rotisserie chicken & beers. 

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