Pin Up Arcade Bar

Games and Drinks, what more could a student ask for.

Being in an area that’s densely packed with university students, bars and nightclubs it takes a unique angle for your establishment to stand out and be successful. The Pin-up arcade bar on King and University definitely succeeds at standing out, being the only arcade in the area, let alone one that serves drinks.

Pin-Up charges a 5-dollar entry fee and checks ID at the door though I have seen children inside with there parents a couple times. The drink prices are comparable to the prices of other bars and nightclubs in the area and they have the standard beers and drinks you would think they would have.

Pin-up has a massive amount of games, from arcade cabinets like Street Fighter and Donkey Kong, Consoles, Air Hockey, Skiball, a child-sized Jenga set and an entire wall of Pinball machines (their namesake). The bar also has a sit-down section where you can enjoy your drinks and some food with your friends.

The bar also has a digital jukebox where you can pick the music that plays throughout the entire bar, this can get annoying as people can change the music whenever. There also isn’t really a dance area so people tend to just dance in front of the jukebox, which can get distracting because it’s right in front of all the games and if it gets crowded it can get hard to move in and out.

Like any popular bar, Pin-up can get pretty crowded on the weekends, so you might have to wait for a specific game that you want to play, but the atmosphere is always nice and its really hard to not have a good time in there with friends, even if you aren’t drinking. The crowd tends to be a little bit older, grad student-ish, but there’s always a mix of undergrads and people from town as well. With only a $5 cover
charge, you and your friends will definitely have your moneys worth at Pin-up.