Cheapest Pitchers of Beer in Kitchener / Waterloo

The Cheapest Restaurants to Get a Pitcher in Kitchener Waterloo

By: KWMotion, June 23rd 2019

Patent Social Club – Uptown Waterloo (Cheapest Pitcher: $15)

Patent Social Club’s combination of booth style bar seating and vintage video games allows for customers to experience a booze fueled video game night with their friends, while providing the social experience of the uptown bar scene. The Erb street patio and house DJ additionally allows the patent experience to distinguish itself from a night spent digging through the basement to find the old N64 while killing Budweiser with the pals. What is potentially the most enticing element of Patent’s appeal is the deal on pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon, running you only $15 a pitcher. If you’re looking for a laid back atmosphere with the option for the night to turn into a romping dance party, then be sure to check out Patent Social Club on Erb and Regina.

Symposium Cafe / Restaurant and Lounge – Uptown Waterloo (Cheapest Pitcher: $14)

Just steps away from Patent Social Club is the cozy Symposium Cafe. Symposium offers a wide variety of features throughout the week in addition to their standard comfort food-focused menu. Additionally, their raised patio at the back of the establishment allows for a great view of the Erb street stretch heading East from Regina. What is perhaps their most stand out feature throughout the week is the deal on Saturday night pitchers, which offers pitchers of domestic draft (Pabst, Sleemans Original / Light, Budweiser) for the low price of $14 (Regularly $17). If you are looking for a cheap start or finish to a Saturday night uptown, Symposium might have just what you’re looking for and for a price less expensive than you would have expected.

Bobby O’Brien’s – Downtown Kitchener (Cheapest Pitcher $13.50)

Anyone immersed in the downtown scene has enjoyed Bobby O’Brien’s in some manner. Whether it was through coming to see local music on their large indoor stage, playing volleyball on their King street court or simply enjoying their inexpensive beer in the friendly atmosphere. Bobby O’Brien’s has been a long term staple of Downtown Kitchener and their legacy is reflected through their often filled patio. Although many may be aware of Bobby O’Brien’s longstanding place in the Downtown community, it is unlikely that all know of O’Brien’s Thursday night deal on domestic pitchers, amazingly only adding $13.50 (plus HST) to your total bill. If you’re looking for an early start to your weekend and enjoy pub fares in warm surroundings, be sure to stop in at Bobby O’Brien’s on any given Thursday.

Chainsaw – Uptown Waterloo (Cheapest Pitcher: $8.85)

Chainsaw is well known for being one of the largest bars in the Kitchener / Waterloo area, as well as being a great spot for karaoke, and cheap drinks. In addition to their everyday special of a regular PBR can going for $3.10, they have a Thursday pitcher deal that takes the cake among all other bars in the area. From 8pm to 11pm on every Thursday you can pick yourself up a pitcher at Chainsaw for the astonishingly low price of $8.85. The cheap drinks paired with the dedicated and regularly attending fanbase of this bar allows for Chainsaw to accurately boast the slogan, “We Live Here”.

Pub on King – Uptown Waterloo (Cheapest Pitcher: $13.50)

The Pub on King is well known by local University students, as characterized by the consistent long lines of students waiting to be let in on Friday and Saturday nights. However if you find yourself uptown and thirsty on a Sunday or a Tuesday night, Pub might just be the spot you’re looking for. This establishment offers daily specials that stay consistent from week to week. On Sundays you can choose from an array of options for a pitcher of beer (Canadian, Coors, Banquet, Budweiser, Budlight) and find yourself paying only $13.50 for it. Additionally, on Tuesday nights Pub offers a similar full day deal on pitchers in which you can order yourself a 60 oz for the low price of $15.50.