Waterloo's Most Popular University Clubs

By: Matt Filartt, October 28th 2019

University life is known for its wild party culture and Waterloo, and especially Laurier, is no exception, so naturally there are a ton of different bars and nightclubs for the students to enjoy. 

Phil’s Grandson's Place

Probably Waterloos most famous student club, seriously my sister who went to Queens knows about Phil’s and she’s never been to Waterloo and if someone ever comes to visit their friend in Waterloo, they’re probably going to make a stop at Phil’s. Phil’s as described by my friend once, is grungy but in a good way, its located in what used to be a basement warehouse and it is known for its cheap drinks and themed nights, don’t get too excited about the drink prices though as there is a $7 cover to get in. Phil’s also has $12 mixed drink pitchers that you can always refill for $6.25. 

The Pub on King

Pub on King is another really popular spot in Waterloo. Pub on King is not just a nightclub but is also open during the day as a restaurant/bar. For the nightlife end, Pub is known for their Tuesday and Thursday nights, where they have $2.25 Jager bombs, which they call Pub bombs. They also serve food at night if you sit at a table or booth and don’t worry, they have debit machines for the tables. Pub on King is also cover free every night so don’t worry about the cover bandit.


Chainsaw is a country bar and its main gimmick is that most of the music in the bar is sung by other patrons on the stage. You can select a song and sing it with your buds, which is fun, but honestly listening to other people, that are varying degrees of drunk, try to sing the same 10 songs can get old. Chainsaw, like The Pub on King, also serves food and also has pool tables in the back which are always fun. Chainsaw also has a $3 cover charge, not really my kind of place, but it definitely has its niche.

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